Mikko Stimbra

Animator & Illustrator Norway

Social and engaged with enthusiasm for creative projects. A problem-solver with a taste for challenges. A curious adventurer.

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I graduated from the Collins College School of Design and Technology with a BA in Animation and immediately went to work as a QA tester for D3 Publisers of America, Inc. I also began working professionally as a freelance animator for titles such as “The Solid State Project: Pilot”, the 2006 indy film “Duchess”, and technical illustration work for companies such as BM Bygg.

Additional experience in the video game industry can be attributed to titles I’ve been apart of in the development process such as: “Bangai-O Spirits” on Nintendo DS, “Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2” on Nintendo DS, “OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad” on Xbox 360, “Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords” on Xbox 360, “Puzzle Quest: Galactrix” on Xbox 360, “Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard” on Play Station 3, “Naruto: Clash of the Ninjas” on Nintendo Wii and “Guns of Icarus Alliance” for the PC & Play Station 4.

When it comes to my craft I love breathing life into a scene and using all my skills from illustration, to animation, to the technical application of executing a solid design. I also enjoy being highly inquisitive and questing for the perfect cup of coffee ;)


Collins College School of Design and Technology

BA in Animation

Technical and conceptual illustration, 3d modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, compositing and video editing.


Autodesk Maya Blender Adobe Creative Suite GIMP Inkscape Corel Painter MyPaint Alchemy SketchBook Pro Open Office/Microsoft Office Suite Norwegian (language) Swedish (language) OSX Linux Windows


Animation Illustration Storyboarding Rigging


Community Manager

Muse Games

Involved in the development of video game projects by providing community & event management, customer support service and graphic design work.


Muse Games

Participated in the development of video game projects by providing customer service & support while learning about project development & design work.

Project Placement

Kelly Services Norway

Provided assistance to kindergardens, cityhalls, shipping firms and child social welfare centers.


Torva Kindergarden

Contracted to help young children with creating short films. Provided the necessary materials and assisted them with the tasks and challanges necessary to complete the films.

Professional Freelancer


Providing services on a project-to-project basis in the form of animated content, technical illustration, diagrams, graphic design and other visual media work.

QA Tester

D3 Publisher of America, Inc.

Participated in the development of video games to oversee quality control for these products on console platforms and PC. In addition, was also responsible for customer phone support.


BM Bygg AS Russell Real Estate Services